DreamZyme – $25.95


A Natural, Soothing, Digestive Formula

    • A complete high potency digestive aid blend

Aids in calming the GI tract

  • Soothing to the stomach – Helps balance pH
  • Contains L-Glutamine
  • Utilizes special enzymes (catalase, super-oxide dismutase) to promote optimal GI function
  • Contains naturally soothing Vitamin U from specially processed cabbage leaf
  • Contains naturally occurring Chlorophyllins from Mulberry leaves
  • Clinically tested – easy to swallow capsules

What is DreamZyme?
DreamZyme is a specially formulated natural therapeutic digestive aid formula containing isolated and whole food nutrients to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Why Use DreamZyme?
Digestive problems are the number one health problem in North America. Every day over 200,000 Americans stay home from work because of illness in the digestive tract. Current statistics show that one in every two American experience digestive disorders. Many of these digestive problems were rare or unheard of less than a century ago.

What lifestyle changes can I make for a healthy digestive tract?
The following changes are suggestions to promote optimal digestive function.

  1. Begin using DreamZyme
  2. Increase water consumption – you should be drinking at least eight 8oz glasses of good water a day on an empty stomach. Water helps flush toxins and aids the bodies cleansing system.
  3. Increase fresh fruit and vegetable intake. Implement a minimum of five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables which are easy to digest and eliminate and provide increased energy.
  4. Cut back on sugar and carbohydrates. These substances create breeding grounds for parasites and yeast and causes pH imbalances that lead to digestive abnormalities.
  5. Decrease coffee consumption. Limit to 1 cup per day as the acid in coffee interferes with the bodies pH.