DreamFlex Full Spectrum Bone & Joint Support Formula
DreamFlex Full Spectrum Bone & Joint Support Formula$46.25

DreamComplete 32 oz BottleDREAMComplete Liquid Vitamin and Mineral Supplement$44.95

DREAM Health, by Dr. Brian Wilmovsky
DREAM Health, by Dr. Brian Wilmovsky$9.95


Dream Health is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 2 reviews.
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    5 Star Review

    Review: "I am 64 years old and have chronic tendonitis and osteoarthritis. I started using Dreamflex in April of 2009 and saw an improvement in my hands after using it for five days. Previously, I could not bend my pointer finger any further down than to the tip of my thumb and all of my fingers were beginning to curl. I could not lay my fingers flat on the table. Now, after taking DreamFlex, I can bend my fingers all the way in and make a fist and can lay all of my fingers out flat. I believe that the Lord worked through Dreamflex and also through prayer that was sent up for my healing. The shooting pain in my fingers and other parts of my body have stopped."

    • Reviewed By: Jan Roe
    • Reviewer Location: Massachusetts
    • Review Date: July 18th, 2012